Since opening we have helped thousands of Novocastrians achieve their goals. From consistency in training, weight loss, muscle gain, beating depression and anxiety, to some serious athletic achievements, competition preparation for bodybuilding, figure, fitness and bikini models, powerlifting, NRL, Rugby, Gymnastics & Swimming State & National Champions, World Champions and world record holders and Olympic gold medallists and Olympic record holders. These days our focus has shifted to accommodate our own training and to grow the business. We are still available for coaching and mentoring, but rarely take on new clients. For that reason we have assembled a team of trainers THAT WE TRUST can help you achieve your goals! For the right coach fit, please fill in our coaching application form and we will set you up!



Richard & Robert Fogarty owners of Steel City Boxing: Boxing, Muay Thai & MMA Striking is to Make a difference through Empowering – Inspiring – Motivating through boxing & martial arts.

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NOTORIOUS athlete development

Notorious Athlete Development is built on a simple and effective foundation based on honesty and work ethic. We work on simple and basic principles of strength, conditioning and nutrition to improve athletic performance



We specialise in powerlifting style training and programming and aim to provide all of our clients with the skills and knowledge they need to improve their physical performance, now and long term. This style of training is not a fad. It is hard work and when it is well thought out it produces excellent results. 

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cutting edge conditioning



peak strength & nutrition

I want to make coming to the gym and improving yourself one of the best parts of your day. And I believe that in order to do that we need to identify your true unique goals and craft a specifically tailored game plan just for you that allows you train in our Premier Small Group Classes.