We are Newcastle's ONLY Hammer Strength Official Training Facility.

With one of Australia's largest ranges of Hammer Strength equipment, you have plenty to play with. This is by far the equipment of choice for competitive bodybuilders, fitness, figure and sports models worldwide.

Pin loaded equipment? We've got it, isometrical pieces allowing you a greater workout and the ability to target each side of the body.

Life Fitness Cardio, Concept 2 rowers, keiser spin bikes - your cardio is covered.

We were the first gym in Newcastle to offer dead lifting platforms, competition Powerlifting and Olympic lifting bars with calibrated plates, and yes, you can use lifting chalk. The first gym with 50kg plates. The first gym with an indoor astro turf sprint track and full Strength & Conditioning box.

Our dumbbells run from 1kg to 100kg. Kettlebell rack from 8kg to 80kg. 

Since opening, we've added in specialised pieces rarely seen in commercial gyms. 

A leg session at Strength Republic could look like this: warm up life fitness cardio, sprint drills on the indoor sprint track, squats, safety bar squats, bent bar squats, plate loaded v-squat, leg press, plate loaded leg extension, pin loaded single leg leg extension, plate loaded hamstring curls, pin loaded hamstring curls, standing calf raise, seated calf raise, plate loaded squat lunge, finish with reverse hyper, GHD and then  walking lunges on the sprint track. Yep, no "giveway" signs here.

Our atmosphere is second to none.