Teen Strength and Conditioning

Teens are increasingly keen to enter the gym, learn how to move their bodies and do so in a safe manner.

We designed this program around the basic movement patterns that we all need to perform on a regular bases. Movements like squats, carries, running, presses and throwing.

In the design we also have added in a combination of physically challenging tests that will help push you mentally and surpass any limits you may believe you have.

The reason we have added this into our program as it builds self confidence, resilience and mental toughness as well as making you physically stronger, faster and more capable.

We want to have great coaches that help build and continue to refine the program to develop the body and mind of the next generation.

We welcome every teen, male and female, between the age of 14 and 18 to come in and join the classes.

Spaces are limited so please ensure you register your interest by filling in the form below.

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